Professional Indemnity

Professionals appreciate the need to deliver a high level of service to their clients. As established professional indemnity insurance specialists we aim to meet the same standards. We are well aware of the dilemmas which confront professionals today. The financial consequences of the increasingly litigious environment continue to grow whilst simultaneously there is a need to keep the cost of risk and premiums down. The aim is to provide clients with cost effective solutions to risk and risk management.

Together we will identify the risks and assess the level of cover needed. We arrange professional indemnity cover to protect both companies and individuals against legal liabilities arising from failure to exercise reasonable skill and care in the performance of their professional services. In many cases this type of protection is mandatory, either by contractual requirement or compulsory regulation.

Callaghan Insurance Brokers recognise the complex needs that arise from such requirements and will tailor coverage to meet these and other risk exposures. As a result of litigation in recent years we have developed extensive professional indemnity programmes with our partners in the London market, for the most demanding and sophisticated risks.

This expertise, linked with our ability to also utilise world-wide insurance capacity and place the highest available limits of indemnity, make Callaghan a leader in its field. In addition, professional claims management procedures play a vital role in obtaining and retaining our clients.

Our team is experienced in all forms of professional indemnity insurance and place particular emphasis on client service, risk management, creative and cost effective placements.

Our client base is diverse, and covers many sectors of business and industry including:

  • Public liability
  • Banks
  • Lawyers, barristers and solicitors
  • Construction professionals – including contractors, consultants, major international projects
  • Insurance companies
  • Insurance brokers

  • Surveyors and project managers
  • Financial Services providers
  • Accountants
  • Media and IT specialists
  • Industry/commerce – including utilities, transportation, automotive, aerospace plus all traditional professions
  • Gaming companies