Aviation Insurance

We can provide insurance solutions for Aerospace coverage to the aviation industry, such as: 

  • Airport ground handlers
  • Airport legal liability
  • Airside insurance
  • Airshow organisers liability
  • Air traffic control
  • Contractors liability

    • Hull and liability insurance
    • Minor components manufacturers
    • Premises, hangarkeepers and products liability
    • Products liability
    • Refuelling liability

There are other types of providers that perform highly specialised services, for example flight catering, aircraft cleaning and security, with their own hazards specific to what they do, but all have one common characteristic: they are all involved in providing a safe, secure, efficient and economic environment in which the airlines can provide their service to us all, their ultimate customers.

In the litigious world in which we live, this also means that a negligent act, or failure to act, of any one, or a combination of, these entities can cause accidents involving aircraft, their passengers and other parties on the ground.

The aerospace industry is unusual in that  relatively minor mishap can cause a catastrophic disaster, incurring huge legal liabilities for the entities responsible. It is quite common that our client will not even be aware of a claim for a number of years after the event. Therefore, it is crucial in the highly specialised area of aviation catastrophe liability that we arrange insurance with carriers who are in the business for the long term. We do that to the best of our ability, with support from the substantial market security analysis resources of the Willis Group.